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RV Tires

Are you preparing for a weekend getaway of leisure? Have you checked the tires on your camper or motorhome?

At Premier Wheels & Tires, we supply RV tires to customers in Norwalk, CA, Cerritos, CA, La Palma, CA, and surrounding areas. Before setting out on the road in your camper or motorhome, be sure to check your tires. Whether you need replacements or a new spare, let our sales staff help with your tire fitment needs.

Choosing the Right RV Tire

RV tires are manufactured to support a smooth and quiet ride on your recreational vehicle. Picking a tire with the right tread pattern for your use will depend on the application, terrain, and weather conditions. Purchasing RV tires are one of the most important purchases an RV owner can make. Matching weight and performance needs with the right set of RV tires is our specialty.

RV Tires in Norwalk, CA

Recreational Vehicle Tire Types

  • Class A, B, & C Motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Pop-Up Campers
  • Fifth Wheel Vehicles
  • Boat Trailers
  • Horse Trailers

Other factors affecting the performance of your motorhome or camper tires include load capacity. Maintaining a balanced load will help promote even tire wear. Be sure to keep your RV tires inflated at the recommended inflation level. Tires without proper inflation will cause performance issues and even failure with the risk of a blowout. After helping you locate the correct RV tires for your needs, our sales staff can discuss various ways to care for your RV tires when not in use.

Enjoy a set of a new RV tires from Premier Wheels & Tires and head to your destination knowing you’re getting there on the best RV tires available anywhere. Visit us today or contact us online to start shopping for new RV tires.

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Premier Wheels and Tires knows your tires are the most important safety feature on your RV, which is why we help you find the best tires for your RV, motor home, camper etc. We’ll help you choose the right RV tire making sure you get the proper load capacity, correct tread pattern for better steering control and road grip, making sure you get the right heat resistance tire for your long road trips. Recreational vehicles are your home on wheels. That’s why we ensure to get you the top rated RV tires for your recreational vehicle.

Premier Wheels and Tires offers the best quality commercial tires for the lowest price for every RV class and application like steer, drive, trailer, all position and much more. Here is a list of our most popular RV tires in Orange county CA, Riverside County CA and Los Angeles CA. In Southern California there are various RV types. The most popular RV’s in So Cal are Class A, Class B, Class C, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, folding and tent trailers and sport utility RV trailers / toy haulers

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Class A RV Tires

  • 11R22.5
  • 11/R24.5
  • 275/80R22.5
  • 285/75R24.5
  • 295/80R22.5
  • 305/70R22.5
  • 315/80R22.5
  • 295/75r22.5

Class B RV Tires

  • 215/75R17.5
  • 225/70R19.5
  • 235/80R16
  • 235/85R16
  • 235/75R17.5
  • 235/80R22.5
  • 245/70R17.5
  • 245/70R19.5

Class C RV Tires

  • 11/R22.5 -
  • 255/70R22.5
  • 255/80R22.5
  • 275/70R22.5
  • 275/80R22.5
  • 285/70R19.5
  • 295/60R22.5
  • 305/70R19.5
  • 295/75R22.5

RV Tire Cracking Dry Rotting Prevention Tips:

Here are a few steps you can take to minimize dry rotting or cracking. RV tires have oils in the rubber that stay dispersed when driving, to keep the oils active and spread evenly drive your RV from time to time. Cover the tires from the suns UV rays; this will help keep your tires from drying. Keeping your RV tires clean from brake dust, this will help as well. Use water based tire dressing to ensure the rubber compound on your RV tires stay intact. Air pressure is vital, having too much or too little will cause premature wear on RV tires and create sidewall cracking.

RV weathered tire

When To Replace RV Tires:

Age is a huge factor when it comes to replacing RV tires. You can determine the age of your RV tires by looking for a four digit code in a bubble on the sidewall of your tires. In southern California we suggest that you replace your RV tires at least every 3-5 years, whether the tread on the tire is good or not. No matter how old your tires are another reason to replace your RV tires is tire wear, always inspect your tires for uneven tire wear or if they show a little tread on them, replace them before you hit the road. Remember not all roads are paved the same, some roads are a little tougher than others. The length of your trip has to have a lot to do with determining when to replace your tires. For example if you’re traveling on your RV for a quick weekend trip, you might be able to postpone your tire swap however if you’re planning on a long road trip its best to consider changing your tires if called for. Give us a call or stop by Premier Wheels and Tires 562-926-8472 Anaheim CA for a free RV tire inspection.

RV weathered tire

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